Greetings Supporters and Friends!

Project Camp New Joy is well on its way! While not yet a finished product, we are taking 10 children to the campsite on July 23rd to spend three days helping with the construction of the camp!  This will be a meaningful and life changing experience for these young people. Helping build the camp will become a part of their legacy!

I am inviting YOU to join us for this trip. You will get a firsthand opportunity to tour the camp grounds and see the vision firsthand. If you are interested, please send an email to You will receive a response with all information necessary to book your travel. Please let us know by July 15th as we are planning a special meal in your honor.

Please take a moment to view this special three minute video that will give you an update on the camp and my strong commitment to completing this project. It is my prayer that after watching, you will considering providing a donation that will allow us to bring Camp New Joy to fruition.

 Thanks so much for your support of Camp New Joy!

Warmest regards,

Jonathan A. Mason, Sr.
Founder and CEO