VISION 20/20

The Building of Camp New Joy

We are asking you to please join us in our National Day of Giving VISION 20/20 the Building of Camp New Joy.

The 20/20 VISION of a Camp were inner city and underprivileged young people can go to;

Learn, Have Fun, Experience Nature in the Outdoors, Meet New People and Interact with Strong Positive Role Models will be a reality with your support.

The 20/20 VISION for our National Day of Giving campaign will focus on having you support the VISION with a $20 contribution or multiples of $20, for example;

5 x $20
10 x $20
25 x $20
50 x $20
100 x $20, etc.

The goal for VISION 20/20 National Day Giving is raise $450,000.00.

Your contribution to will be used as follows;

  • The completion of the first house
  • Furnishing the entire house: beds, lining, appliances, dishes, etc.
  • Providing uniforms for the first group of young people in 2016
  • Completing the landscaping around the house.

Please be a VISIONARY and join us in our Vision 20/20 National Day of Giving. Click the VISION 20/20 link below and make your contribution TODAY.

Your total amount is : 25.00 (Currency: USD)